Update 6/21/21: The Ottawa Street Pool is closed due to low attendance. Evening swim lessons will still take place as scheduled.

The Plainfield Park District is looking forward to Summer Fun in 2021, starting the week of June 7 and continuing through the week of August 13. Registration can be completed online here.

Let our experienced, enthusiastic, and highly-trained camp counselors guide your child through a safe and engaging summer. We have small groups, low camper to staff rations, and great indoor and outdoor space for our many well-planned activities. Our camp is safe, convenient, affordable, and will follow all CDC and IDPH guidelines,. Before and After Camp is also available for an additional charge. With no field trips or pool days, camp activities will include games with physical distancing, arts and crafts, exercise, water activities, and more. Masks and hand sanitizer will be incorporated into the day as recommended by the CDC, IDPH, and Restore Illinois Plan.

  • Summer Camp Mask Guidelines

    Based on the information that the park district currently has (CDC, ACA, DCEO) it is our plan that campers will not be required to wear masks outdoors. Additionally, children may or may not be required to wear masks indoors, depending on the activity and the ability to maintain a 6’ social distance. We will require children to wear a mask at drop-off.

    Additional safety measures and camp information are listed below.  If you have any camp questions, please contact Leslie Anderson at anderson@plfdparks.org.

  • General Information (Summer 2021)

    • Registration for all camps will only be held online.
    • General Day Camp will be offered in groups of 10 campers and 2 staff. 
    • Camp sessions will run: 8:30am-3:30pm.
    • “Extra Fun” will be offered for an additional charge: 7:30a-8:30a and/or 3:30p-5:30p.
    • Camp location, Bott Park (24550 Renwick Rd.)
    • Drop off/Pick-up will be at the PARC facility, on the south side of the building, parallel to Renwick.
    • Campers will be required to wear face-coverings when appropriate as defined by the CDC and will follow appropriate social distancing guidelines.
    • Campers that do not follow instructions will be asked to leave camp. Safe behaviors will be strictly enforced.
    • Campers will be required to bring their own lunch, 2 snacks, refillable water bottle, face covering and towel.
    • Parents/Guardians will be asked to check daily that their child does not have any COVID symptoms.
  • Safety Guidelines (Summer 2021)

    • Parent/guardians will be asked to conduct temperature checks every morning prior to bringing camper to camp. NO child with a fever will be allowed to attend camp.
    • Campers will be dropped off and picked up curbside at the south end of the building, parallel to Renwick.
    • Campers will wash hands upon arrival as well as before and after each camp activity or event.
    • Staff and campers will wear masks when appropriate as defined by CDC.
    • Campers will be encouraged to stay 6’ apart throughout the day.
  • Essential Requirements of Campers (Summer 2021)

    Every camper must be able to do the following:

    • Wear a face covering while exiting their car at drop off.
    • Independently put on and remove face covering, as needed.
    • Remain with their group throughout the day and not wander away from their group or to other groups.
    • Be able to tend to their toileting needs independently.
    • Refrain from touching another camper (ex. hug, high five, hitting).
    • Maintain personal space and keep a 6 foot distance from peers & staff to ensure proper social distancing guidelines, when necessary.
    • Remain outside for an entire day of camp without access to air conditioning.

    *A Camper who is unable to follow the above requirements will be sent home and not able to return this summer.

  • American Camp Association Accreditation

    The Plainfield Park District is proud that our summer day camps are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This nationally recognized program, developed exclusively for the camp industry, focuses on program quality, health and safety issues. It also requires us to review every facet of our day camp operations on an annual basis. We have voluntarily submitted to this independent audit by camp experts and have earned this mark of distinction.

  • Health & Emergency Information

    Participant Emergency and Health History Forms are necessary for the safety of our campers and staff will not allow campers to be dropped off without having one on file. We ask that parents complete these forms on or before the Thursday prior to their first camp week so that we can have time to prepare for camp.

    Summer Camp Emergency Form

    Camper Health History Form

    If your child will need to take medication while at camp, a Medication Dispensation Form must also be filled out.  No medication (including inhalers or bee sting kits) will be dispensed unless this form has been completed. Get additional prescriptions filled now so we can keep them on site throughout the summer.

    Permission to Dispense Medication Form

    If your camper has an allergy or a special accommodation request, please indicate this information upon enrollment. While an allergy free campsite cannot be guaranteed, staff will work with you to make the environment as safe as possible for your camper.

    For more information about summer camps at the Plainfield Park District please contact Leslie Anderson at 779-252-2743.

  • Session Dates & Fees

    Traditional Camp

    Youth Day Camp:

    Kindergarten – First grade (Program #52401)

    2nd3rd Grade (Program #52402)

    4th-5th Grade (Program #52403)

    MSA Camp 6th-8th (Program #53406)

    Section Dates (M-F) 8:30a-3:30p Youth Day Camp/K-5th Grade (See Above for Program #’s) MSA Camp/6-8th Grade (See Above for Program #’s)
    A1 Session 1: June 7-11 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    B1 Session 2: June 14-18 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    C1 Session 3: June 21-19 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    D1 Session 4: June 28-July 2 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    E1 Session 5: July 5-9 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    F1 Session 6: July 12-16 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    G1 Session 7: July 19-23 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    H1 Session 8: July 26-30 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    I1 Session 9: August 2-6 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263
    J1 Session 10: August 9-13 R $189/NR $236 R $210/NR $263


    Extra Fun! (Program # 52499)

    Section Dates (M-F) Time Price
    A1 June 7-11 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    A2 June 7-11 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    B1 June 14-18 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    B2 June 14-18 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    C1 June 21-19 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    C2 June 21-19 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    D1 June 28-July 2 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    D2 June 28-July 2 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    E1 July 5-9 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    E2 July 5-9 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    F1 July 12-16 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    F2 July 12-16 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    G1 July 19-23 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    G2 July 19-23 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    H1 July 26-30 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    H2 July 26-30 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    I1 August 2-6 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    I2 August 2-6 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35
    J1 August 9-13 7:30-8:30a R $16/NR $20
    J2 August 9-13 3:30-5:30p R $28/NR $35



  • Registration Deadlines & Refunds

    The deadline for registering for summer camps (unless indicated otherwise) is 5pm, the Thursday prior to the start of each session. This allows the Park District to properly and safely staff our camps.

    If you should need to cancel a camp registration, a $20 cancellation fee will apply to all refunds for each session of park district camps.  Cancellation requests must be made to the Recreation Manager a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of camp to receive a refund. Refund requests within two weeks will only be considered if the vacated spot can be filled with another participant.

  • Summer Camp FAQ's

    How do I cancel my camp registration and receive a refund?

    A $20 cancelation fee will apply to all refunds for each session of park district camps. Cancellation requests must be made to Recreation Manager a minimum of ONE week prior to the start of camp to receive a refund. Refund requests within ONE week will only be considered if the vacated spot can be filled with another participant.

    Are late fees accessed if I am late picking up my child from camp?

    Pick up time is the responsibility of the parents/guardians. A $20.00 fee may be assessed at 10 minutes late and an additional $5 for every 5 minutes after that.

    Can my child check themselves into and out of camp?

    Campers that are in the MSA camp group may be granted permission by their parent or guardian to sign themselves in and out of camp. Written notification must be provided in advance, by the parent, and will be kept on file at the campsite.

    What should I do if my camper will not be attending a day of camp?

    Parents should call, email or send a “remind” message to the Recreation Manager, informing the camp the child’s absence. If we do not hear from you (via phone or written notification) and the counselor reports your camper absent, the coordinator will make every attempt to contact you by phone. Please help staff avoid unnecessary phone calls by reporting your camper’s absence.

    What items should my camper bring to camp with them?

    Campers should come dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty. Gym shoes are highly recommended. Campers should bring a reusable water bottle, a healthy lunch, two snacks, a towel, and sunscreen.

    What items should my camper NOT bring to camp?

    Please leave all toys, games, weapons, money, electronic equipment (including cell phones) and any other valuables at home. These only serve as distractions that can lead to behavior problems or disappointment if the item is lost, stolen or damaged.

    What happens during weather emergencies?

    The weather is checked each day in preparation to make changes to activities as needed. During severe weather (thunder, lightning, tornados) campers are taken to an indoor location immediately. If the National Weather Service determines a heat emergency exists, camp activities will be modified to be more passive and less strenuous. More frequent water breaks will be provided. If possible, campers will be moved to the air-conditioned facility.

  • Dress Code

    Campers should dress for the weather and must wear gym shoes and socks. Please do not send your child in open-toed shoes as they may not be allowed to participate in physical activities.

  • Lunches, Water & Snacks

    Campers must bring adequate food, snacks and water for the duration of the time they are at the program. The park district does not provide lunch to campers. Because of the nature of the program, it is also advisable that your child bring a water bottle daily. The park district will provide adequate drinking water for participants to refill their water bottles. Any other beverages must be provided by parents. Glass bottles are not permitted.

  • Camp Goals

    The camps organized by the Plainfield Park District are recreational in nature and revolve around the following goals: to provide opportunities to learn new skills, make new friends and build confidence. 

    We hire counselors who we believe will help us achieve these goals.  They are called upon to be a mentor, educator and friend.  They are asked to give of themselves to the utmost, thus helping to meet the above as well as have a fun, safe and enjoyable summer at our camp. 

    We hope you enjoy what our park district has to offer!  We are continually striving to make camp a great experience for all participants.

  • Severe Weather Plan

    Severe weather consists of extreme high winds, dark sky, increased rain fall, and/or tornado warning or watch. If severe weather approaches, camp will be moved indoors.

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