Update 6/21/21: The Ottawa Street Pool is closed due to low attendance. Evening swim lessons will still take place as scheduled.

Swim Lesson Registration Now Open

Ottawa Street Pool Opens May 29. Swim Lessons Begin in June.

Click on one of the links below to register your child for swim lessons at the Ottawa Street Pool, 23820 W. Ottawa St. Lessons begin the first week of June.

Parent Child Lessons (kids ages 1-3)

Preschool Swim Lessons (Ages 3-5)

Swim Lessons Levels 1-6 (Ages 6-12)

Private Swim Lessons (All ages)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Want to know more about our safety procedures and the steps Park District Staff will be taking to ensure your safety this summer? Read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • Swim Lesson Levels Guide

    Parent/Child Level 1               

    The goal of the Parent/Child Level 1 class is to provide the parent with bonding time with their child in a fun, enjoyable atmosphere.  Skills covered in this course include exploring buoyancy on the front and back, and introduction to submerging the mouth, nose, and eyes.  Participants will spend the first 15 minutes of each class in the little pool and then move to the big pool for the remainder of the class.  This class will meet Monday -Thursday with Friday as a make-up should the Park District cancel class due to weather.

    Ages 1-3           Min. 4/Max. 6

    Private Swim Lessons

    The Ottawa Street Pool offers private swimming lessons (1:1 student to instructor ratio) for guests of all ages. Private swim lessons are one-week sessions that meet Monday through Thursday with Friday as a make-up date.  Friday is reserved as a make-up day only if the Park District cancels throughout the session.  The Park District cannot accommodate schedule conflicts.

    Ages 1 & Up   

    Preschool Level 1

    This level encourages young swimmers to be comfortable in and around the water. Games and songs are used in teach supported floating, kicking, front arm movements and various water safety skills. Participants will spend 15 minutes in the little pool and the second half of the class will be spent in the big pool. BB

    Ages 3-5           Min. 2/Max. 6

    Preschool Level 2

    In this level participants will have class in the big pool. They will work on basic aquatic skills (i.e. breath control, submerging, supported and unsupported floats). With assisted instruction and encouraged independence, participants will begin to develop fundamentals for front and back crawl. Basic water safety skills are also covered. BB

    Ages 3-5           Min. 2/Max. 6

    Preschool Level 3

    Participants must have successfully completed preschool level 2 before registering. At this level they will continue to build on their skills from previous levels. They will learn unsupported floating and kicking as well as front crawl and beginning back crawl movements. Basic water safety skills will be covered. All skills will be performed independently.  BB

    Ages 3-5           Min. 2/Max. 6

    Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills

    In this level children will work on under water, opening eyes underwater, bobbing, supported and unsupported floating and kicking, glides, and beginning arm movements. Children will also work on swimming on their front with assistance for two body lengths.  Basic water safety skills are also covered. BB

    Ages 6-12         Min. 3/Max. 8

    Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

    In this level children will learn unsupported floating and kicking, front crawl movements and beginning back crawl movements, while also learning basic water safety skills. BB

    Ages 6-12         Min. 3/Max. 8

    Level 3: Stroke Development

    This level focuses on improving front crawl, back crawl and learning elementary backstroke. They will build up to swimming 15 yards of front crawl with proper breathing technique and treading water for 30 seconds independently.  Scissors kick, butterfly kick, and headfirst entries into water are introduced at this level also. BB

    Ages 6-12         Min. 3/Max. 8

    Level 4: Stroke Improvement

    Breaststroke and butterfly are introduced at this level. Front and back crawl as well as elementary backstroke are perfected. BB

    Ages 8-15         Min. 3/Max. 8

    Level 5: Stroke Refinement

    Children will practice all competitive strokes and must perform them properly over longer distances (up to 50 yards per stroke). They will learn competitive turns and various deep water surface dives. BB

    Ages 10-15       Min. 3/Max. 8

  • Session Dates & Fees


    Session Dates & Fees June 7-10


    June 14-24


    June 28-Jul 8


    Jul 12-22


    July 26-Aug 5


    Aug 9-12



    9-9:30a 9:45a-10:15a 10:30a-11:00a 11:15a-11:45a 4:45p-5:15p 5:30p-6p 6:15p-6:45p
    Parent Child (59601)        
    Preschool Level 1 (59603)        
    Preschool Level 2 (59604)        
    Preschool Level 3 (59605)        
    Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills (59606)        
    Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills (59607)        
    Level 3: Stroke Development (59608)        
    Level 4: Stroke Improvement (59609)        
    Level 5: Stroke Refiinement (59610)        


  • Ottawa Street Pool Info Hotline

    Text “OSP” to (833) 222-3024 to join the Ottawa Street Pool Info Hotline to get up-to-the-minute news and notifications of last-minute cancellations all summer long. The number is toll free and you can opt out anytime by texting “stop.”

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