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Kids playing in preschool

Great Beginnings (Preschool Prep)

preschool class in the classroom

Great Beginnings is a preschool preparation program recognizing that children learn best by doing. Play has a vital role in a child’s early development. The program gives early learners opportunities to participate in activities that initiate learning and discovery, develop creativity, and encourage children to interact in a group.

Classes are designed to help children learn and grow in a stimulating and enriching environment. Our instructors provide nurturing guidance to all children allowing for easier transitions through parent/child separation anxiety.

Children do not need to be toilet trained for these classes. It is recommended that classes be taken in order, but children may be enrolled at any level. All classes, except Great Adventures classes, may be taken multiple times.

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ltty Bitties focuses on getting children accustomed to being away from parents in a caring, nurturing environment. It is designed to introduce a child to follow simple directions, make new friends, and learn to share through teacher­-directed activities. Parents are requested to stay in the building during this class.

30 minutes, 1 time per week, 6-week session

Little Explorers introduces children to the classroom setting where they can feel safe away from their parents. As there is an increase in class time, there are more op­portunities to focus on skills. The program includes age-appropriate art, making choices, taking turns, sensory ex­ploration and circle time, and following simple step directions while using listening skills.

60 minutes, 1 time per week, 6-week session

Big Discoveries meets twice a week for 6 weeks and provides an emphasis on developing social skills and transitioning from home to school. Participating in circle time, music and movement, singing and crafts, and small group play helps children prepare for their first preschool class. Children also work on activities to build the muscles in their fingers to better help with fine motor skills.

60 minutes, 2 times per week, 6-week session

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