2023-24 Registration Information:

  Registration applications are now being accepted at the Great Adventures preschool office located inside the Prairie Activity & Recreation Center (PARC), 24550 W. Renwick Road in Plainfield.

Registration Packet

Call the Great Adventures office at (779) 252-2746 or email or greatadventures@plfdparks.org if you have further questions.


PROGRAM INFORMATION:  Based on the premise that children learn through play, Great Adventures offers young children opportunities for social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth through a balance of both child-led and teacher-guided play. Participants have numerous opportunities to explore, create, discover, problem-solve and communicate to encourage appropriate skills and development. Using themes to introduce and expose students to colors, shapes, numbers, and letters through a friendly and fun atmosphere. A balance of whole group and small group activities encourage academic and listening skills along with social interaction. Activities are designed to promote each child’s self-esteem and positive attitude toward learning, while striving to introduce independence and responsibility.  All children need to be toilet trained to enroll/participate except for Finally 3. (41119A3)


    (Children must turn 3 by Dec. 31, 2023)
    R $1119/NR $1398

    Learning to master behaviors help children on the path to success. Sitting calmly in a group, taking turns, listening to instructions, following rules and routines, controlling impulsive behavior, and problem-solving are the focus. Children have countless opportunities to learn and grow in this class through play. Finally 3 gives children their first positive experience in a preschool classroom allowing them to be comfortable separating from parents on a regular basis. Parents/guardians designate a person to be called to come and change your child, if needed.
    Minimum enrollment is 6 for all classes.

    Program #DayDateTimeLocation
    41119A3T/THSep 5-May 912:45-2:45pPARC
  • 3-YEAR-OLD

    (Children must be 3 by Sept. 1, 2023)
    R $1605/NR $2010

    Nurturing a 3-year-old’s social and emotional growth, participants learn to follow directions, make new friends and share with others in a group as they participate in daily activities.
    Minimum enrollment is 6 for all classes.

    Program #DayDateTimeLocation
    41119A1T/THSep 5-May 99:30a-12:00pPARC
    41119A2T/THSep 5-May 912:45-3:15pPARC
  • 4-YEAR-OLD

    (Children must be 4 by Sept. 1, 2023)
    Price:  2-day
    R $1605/NR $2010   3-day R $2001/NR $2505

    In this program, participants strengthen relationships with friends and teachers and begin to understand responsibility as they become more self-sufficient and confident in their abilities. Social skills and problem-solving are enhanced through daily activities.
    Minimum enrollment is 6 for all classes.

    Program #DayDateTimeLocation
    41119B1T/THSep 5-May 99:30a-12:00pPARC (2-day)
    41119C1MWFSep 6-May 109:30a-12:00pPARC (3-day)
    41119C2MWFSep 6-May 1012:45-3:15pPARC (3-day)

    (Children must turn 5 between Sept. 1 & Dec. 31, 2023)
    Price:  5-day
    R $3027/NR $3783   3-day R $2001/NR $2505

    Experienced learners are prepared for a program designed for continued enrichment. Using their own creativity, as well as a variety of structured activities, instructors encourage children to observe, discuss, create and problem-solve. Consider Finally 5 if you are choosing not to enroll your child in Kindergarten for the 2022-23 school year.
    Minimum enrollment is 6 for all classes.

    Program #DayDateTimeLocation
    41119D1M-FSep 5 -May 109:30a-12:00pPARC (5-day)
    41119D2MWFSep 6 -May 1012:45-3:15pPARC (3-day)


Pay in Full:
Pay in full at the time of registration (10% discount when paying in full).

Installment Payments:
Pay a $75 non-refundable registration fee at the time of registration, and the remaining balance will be divided into equal monthly payments due on the 15th through December 15, 2023.

Never miss a payment and avoid late fees by enrolling in our Auto Debit/Credit at the time of registration.

AUTO DEBIT/CREDIT ENROLLMENT FORMS are available online or at the Great Adventures office, 24550 W. Renwick Road in Plainfield.

For more information:
Contact Recreation Manager Leslie Anderson

greatadventures@plfdparks.org or (779) 252-2746

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Plainfield Park District
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(815) 436-8812

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