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Mather Woods will be CLOSED June 22 and 23 for PEMA training.

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Why is my tax bill so high?
The Plainfield Park District’s portion of the average tax bill is less than three percent of the total property taxes paid by an individual homeowner. The Park District portion of a tax bill of a $250,000 fair market valued home is approximately $207 per year.

Why do I have to pay for programs when I pay property taxes?
The Plainfield Park District charges program fees for programs that are provided to individuals in our programs. These fees cover the direct cost of supplies, equipment, and salaries for the instructors teaching the individual programs. Property taxes sustain the administration and maintenance of the District’s more than 1,300 acres of land and 89 parks.

Am I a resident of the Park District?
A Plainfield Park District resident is described as a person whose legal domicile is within the boundaries of the Plainfield Park District. Residency is the principal place of habitation of the individual occupying the home, apartment, condominium or estate. It shall be the principal yearly residence for the family residing at that location. The resident must be able to produce a valid driver’s license or State I.D. and a current property tax bill.

Why am I a non-resident, I live in Plainfield?
Residency is based on where you pay your property taxes. To verify whether you are a resident of Plainfield Park District, please check your property tax bill or contact our Guest Services Staff.

I am a resident and have family living with me for the summer. Will they qualify for the resident rate?
Only Plainfield Park District residents are eligible for the resident rate when registering for programs. Visiting family and friends would not be eligible for the resident rate unless proof of Plainfield Park District residency or dependency can be provided.

I need ADA Accommodations/Inclusion Services, who should I contact?
On the registration form and online there is a place to make a request for accommodations or contact our Guest Services staff and they will direct you to the appropriate staff member.

I would like to commemorate a loved one, is there a program to do so?
The Plainfield Park District has a number of ways that you can remember a loved one or commemorate an event. Bricks, Trees and Benches are available for purchase and placement at designated parks. Click here for more information on our Memorial Programs.

Can I feed the geese?
While we encourage you to enjoy our park wildlife, we also ask that you let them find their own food sources. Because food supplied by people is easy for birds to obtain, ducks and geese lose their natural migratory instincts. This eventually leads to overpopulation and makes these creatures more susceptible to disease and predators.

What is the policy for closing the pool during inclement weather?

  • The pool will not open for open swim hours when the air temperature is below 70 degrees.
  • Swim lessons are cancelled when the air temperature is below 65 degrees and the water temperature is below 70 degrees.
  • If thunder or lightning is seen or heard, the pool will remain closed for 30 minutes from the last spotted or heard thunder/lightning.
  • If pool attendance is less than 20 patrons during an hour the pool may close for the remainder of the day/session due to low attendance

Are rafts or other flotation devices allowed in the pool?
OSP allows water wings and US Coast Guard approved life jackets only. Life jackets that are US Coast Guard approved contain an imprint or tag on the life jacket. This must be visible and attached for the staff to verify.

What is the minimum age to attend the pool without being accompanied by an adult?
You must be 10 years or older to attend the pool without being accompanied by an adult.

Pool Information

I’ve seen vandalism in a park or playground, what do I do?
In an effort to reduce and eliminate senseless damage caused by vandalism, Plainfield Park District encourages you to report any information you have about individuals causing damage to District property. Report damage to our Parks & Planning Department (815) 436-8812. Call the Police if vandalism in progress or 911 in an Emergency.

Can I fish in Plainfield Park District ponds?
Fishing is allowed at all Plainfield Park District ponds, however, our ponds are not stocked. Fishing piers are located at Olde Renwick, Boy Scout and Van Horn. The Park District abides by all State of Illinois fishing rules and laws.

Do I need to purchase a permit to use the Dog Parks?
There is no fee or permit required to use Plainfield Park District Dog Parks.

Are ATVs allowed on Park District Trails?
Motorized vehicles of any type are not allowed on Park District trails.

When is the next program brochure available?
All programs will be available online to browse through and register for. Three times a year, our new publication, The Oak Leaf, will be distributed to the community of Plainfield. The Oak Leaf has lots of information about what is new with our programs, events, camps, parks, facilities and more. Our Summer issue is delivered to homes mid to late April, the Fall/Holiday issue is delivered around the end of July and the Winter/Spring issue is delivered around Thanksgiving.

How do I register for a Park District Program?
There are 3 easy ways to register, Online, Mail-In, or Drop Off at the Prairie Activity & Recreation Center located at 24550 West Renwick Road Plainfield, IL 60544.

Can I register on a mobile device?
Registration can be done on a mobile device. You will automatically be routed to a mobile friendly site after entering the registration area of our website.

Can I register my friends’ or family members’ children?
You can only register members of your own household.

Does the Park District have a financial assistance program?
The Park District’s financial assistance program is established by the Friends of the Plainfield Park District Foundation. Please call Guest Services at (815) 436-8812 for more details.

Where can I find weather closing information?
Please check our Statusfy site for the most-up-to-date weather information. Also check and social media for updated information. Exceptions may be made for extreme temperature closings. This may be altered or changed at any time without notice

How can I rent a shelter and sports field?
Shelters can be reserved for rental online or in person at the Prairie Activity & Recreation Center (PARC), 24550 West Renwick Road, Plainfield, IL 60544.
Reserve a shelter for your next gathering.

How can I find out if a field is playable?
Groups who use Park District athletic facilities are responsible for canceling games and/or practices if “poor or unsafe field conditions” exist as defined in the Athletic Field/Facility Allocation and Usage Policy.

Are there volunteer opportunities at Plainfield Park District?
The Plainfield Park District welcomes volunteers to assist in our programs or at our facilities. Complete a volunteer application and your information will be shared with the volunteer coordinator. Contact us for specific volunteer opportunities. The Plainfield Park District does not accept court mandated service hours.

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