Canoe Access Locations

Eaton Preserve | 23601 W. 135th St., Plainfield
Electric Park | 15200 S. Vista Ln., Plainfield
Riverside Parkway | (East side off of Frontage Road), Plainfield
Riverview | Dupage River Trail, Plainfield, IL

River Safety Tips

Fishing Docks

Boyscout Park | Next to the Rec/Admin Center | 23729 W. Ottawa St., Plainfield
Olde Renwick Trail | At the intersection of Indian Head Ln & Olde Renwick Trail, Joliet
Van Horn Woods East | 17200 S. Frontage Rd., Plainfield


Safety Guidelines
  • River Launch Safety Guidelines

    1. Wear your life jacket and keep it snug.
    2. Dress in layers and bring some clothes in a waterproof bag.
    3. The river may not be cleared. Watch for and avoid fallen trees or branches reaching into the water. If you capsize near a log, get on top to avoid entrapment by underwater limbs. Walk around any hazard about which you have a doubt. Always portage a dam.
    4. Do not go into faster water unless you are sure you can safely paddle through. Do not paddle in flood waters or after a heavy rain.
    5. Carry a map, keep track of your location, bring a cell phone in a waterproof bag, and in case of emergency, call 911 and give the location of the nearest bridge.
    6. Learn to control your boat and paddle with people who know the river. Tell someone your plans and expected return time. Consider taking a paddling clinic or class and/or joining a club.
  • Fishing Pond Safety Guidelines

    There is no swimming, boating, ice skating, or ice fishing allowed on Plainfield Park District ponds per Park District ordinance.

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