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Prairie Fit Members: 

As we move into the next phase of our State’s reopening plan, we are pleased to announce that Prairie Fit at The Prairie Activity & Recreation Center (PARC) will be reopening on TUESDAY JULY 7th.

While the fitness area might look the same, there are changes we want you to be aware of.

Below you will find information and links to our safety procedures and what you can expect when returning to Prairie Fit when it comes to our staff, general facility guidelines, restroom and locker room guidelines, sanitizing policy, and signage.

In addition, below you will find information for those ready to come back along with information for those who might not yet be ready.

Membership Status Update:
Prairie Fit at PARC guests will be welcomed back on Tuesday July 7th, with your membership status being unfrozen and billing resuming on FRIDAY JULY 17th, 2020.

If you are not quite ready to return, we more than understand and you are welcome to continue to keep your account frozen thru December 16th, 2020.

If you wish to keep your membership frozen, you will need to notify Brenda Boryca,,  via EMAIL by 4:00p on FRIDAY JULY 10th.

We will need any extension requests in writing, so unfortunately voicemails or verbal conversations will not be accepted. Upon receipt of email, you will get a confirmation response confirming your request. If you wish to remain frozen, members will be able to unfreeze their account anytime between July 17th and December 16th.

Members who keep their accounts frozen will still have the option to workout by reserving a spot at $6 per workout. Non-members will be charged $8 per time slot.

How to restart your workouts:
Until further notice, we will be using an online time reservations protocol to use the facility.

This will allow for the staff to monitor and control the number of guests in the building along with giving ample time to make sure that the building is cleaned prior to each group coming in.

Reservations will be handled online only.

There will be no in-person or drop-in reservations taken at this time. Based on demands, additional slots and days may be added.

Available time slots will be as follows:

  • Mondays: 7-8:30a, 9:30-11a, 12-1:30p, 2:30-4p, 5:30-7p
  • Tuesdays: 7-8:30a, 9:30-11a, 12-1:30p, 2:30-4p, 5:30-7p
  • Wednesdays: 7-8:30a, 9:30-11a, 12-1:30p, 2:30-4p, 5:30-7p
  • Thursdays: 7-8:30a, 9:30-11a, 12-1:30p, 2:30-4p, 5:30-7p
  • Fridays: 7-8:30a, 9:30-11a, 12-1:30p, 2:30-4p
  • Saturdays: 7:30-9, 10-11:30a

How to reserve a Time Slot for your workouts:
You can use your RecTrac account log-in to reserve your workout time slot.

If you are not familiar with registering thru RecTrac, the links below contain step by step instruction sheet as well as an instructional video.

Remember that if you are leaving your account frozen, you can still reserve a spot at $6 per workout. Non-members will be charged $8 per time slot.

Upon signing up for a slot you will receive additional information regarding check-in procedures and additional expectations to be followed during your visit.

If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Boryca at

Your health and safety are our highest priority and we look forward to seeing you back again real soon!

Please follow the links below to learn how to get started:


  • Outdoor Fitness Classes

    Workout in the parks, meet new friends, and get back in to your workout routine this summer with Prairie Fit Outdoor fitness classes.

    See the full schedule and register today.

    Prairie Fit Outdoor Fitness Schedule

    Register Now

  • Prairie Fit Custom Workout

    Use the videos from our library to create a custom workout that’s either low impact or high impact or a mix of both.

    Whether you want to create a cardio only, lower body, upper body, core, or a mixture, we’ve got you covered.

    Prairie Fit Custom Workout

  • Fitness Memberships

    Annual Membership OptionsPaid in FullMonthly EFT
    Adult (Ages 18 – 59)$275$25
    Active Adult (Ages 60 & Older)$220$20
    Youth (Ages 12 – 17)$220$20
    Household – First Member$25
    *Each Additional Household Member*$20
    Track Only Pass$65 one time payment for 12 months
    Open Gym Only Pass$95 one time payment for 12 months
    Monthly/Daily OptionsResident Non-Resident
    Individual Monthly EFT$35 No annual commitment required
    Daily Pass – Fitness$8
    Daily Pass – Open Gym/Track$5$10


    Fitness Membership Details

    • New Member Joiner Fee – $75 – Joiner Fee Waived for Park district residents
    • All Annual and Monthly EFT memberships require a one year commitment. An ongoing membership can be cancelled at any time after the 12 month requirement has been met.
    • An ongoing membership is paid monthly using a bank debit or credit card.
    • Youth ages 11 and under are not permitted in the fitness center at any time.
    • Youth ages 12-13 must be supervised by an adult 18 and older at all times.
    • Household membership is defined as any legal dependents living at the same address.
    • Members under 18 years old require a parent signature before the membership is processed.
    • No new member joiner fee for track only and open gym only passes.
    • * = Must purchase Household pass first before purchasing each additional household member pass.

  • Group X Classes

    What is Group X?

    Tired of your exercise routine? Shake up your workout, and expand your fitness options with a Group X membership or punch card at the Prairie Activity & Recreation Center.

    Group X Pass provides access to over 20 fitness classes per week at PARC or Plainfield Township Community Center (PTCC).

    Unlimited Group X & Punch Pass

    Residents and non-residents can purchase an Unlimited Group X Membership for $25/month (with electronic fund transfer) or $300 paid in full. Fitness members as well as non-members can also purchase single, 5-punch, and 10-punch class passes to pay as you go. The more passes you purchase the bigger the discount!

    Group X Punch PassMemberResidentNon-Resident
    1 visit$8$10$15
    5 visits$30$45$65
    10 visits$50$80$120
    Annual Unlimited Group X$300 ($25/month)$300 ($25/month)$300 ($25/month)
  • Group X Class Schedule

    Group X Classes

    Find a Group X class that fits your workout style and get started today. To learn more about PARC Group X classes call 815-436-8812, or stop by the front desk, 24550 W. Renwick Rd.


    Barletes is our own combination of Barre and Pilates.  It will be a moderate-intensity Barre class set to a slower pace with an additional emphasis on Mat Pilates concepts and exercises. Slightly less intense than barre, but more intense than Pilates.   This is a great workout for all levels and will leave you feeling energized!

    Boot Camp Your traditional calisthenics class mixed with body weight training, strength movements, and high intensity intervals. If you are looking to leave class feeling accomplished, look no further.

    Core Fit & Cardio (NEW) This class is designed to build strength and endurance. It includes circuit training, cardio exercise, body weight exercises and finishes with core training and stretching for a complete workout.

    Cycle Fusion  (NEW) This class is a great cardiovascular workout. Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills and exercises. All levels are welcome. Remember to bring a towel and water bottle!

    Pilates Utilize your own body weight to challenge the muscles using the Pilates method. You’ll learn how to find your alignment and progress through exercises that activate your core and challenge your entire body.

    Power Yoga A fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style flow. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow. In a power yoga class, students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind.

    Pump & Core  (NEW) This class is focused on helping you get and stay strong!  We will utilize free weights, your body weight, stability balls, and more to challenge all of your muscles – especially your core.  Resistance training does more than just make your muscles stronger, it can also boost your metabolism, improve your posture, mood, and much more!

    Total Body (NEW) This class is designed to get your heart pumping!  Strengthen both cardiovascular and muscular systems with the use of free weights, resistance bands, and floor exercises.  It combines full-body strength training with cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance.  Core work will also be introduced for core strengthening and stabilization.

    Yin Yoga Yin yoga consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. The poses are held for up to five minutes, sometimes longer.                                                                                                                                              

    20/20/20 Three workouts in one! The 20/20/20 class is designed to give you the ultimate challenge and total body workout. Sweat through 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of stretching and core work.

    Zumba (New) A dance-based cardio class that targets fat loss and lean muscle toning in the upper body, lower body, and core. It is a high energy, rhythmic workout that offers a fun, party-like atmosphere.

  • Active Adult Fitness Classes

    Active Adult classes

    Stretch, Core & More

    As we age, or build muscle the need for stretching only increases.  This class will focus on movements and exercises that loosen the muscles, joints, and tendons.  In addition, the core will be another area of focus.

    Strength & Balance

    Participants will concentrate on the strength needed to perform activities of daily living such as, rising from a chair, reaching the top shelf, lifting groceries and feeling confident as you walk. We will use bands, tubing, and weights to aide in building strength.  This class is designed in a small group atmosphere, beginning level, in order to ensure that all participants make positive changes in strength and balance.

    Fitness Active Adult

    Exercise has been proven to reduce pain and stiffness, as well as improving strength and overall health.  This class is designed for the Active Adult who wants to experience an introduction to cardiovascular fitness while incorporating both strength and balance.  Improve your strength, flexibility and posture.

    Cardio Fun/Powerup

    Step it up a notch with this cardio, power up class especially designed for the adult who wants a faster tempo and motivational exercises!  Improve your agility, balance, strength, and coordination!  This class includes moderate to moderately heavy low impact cardio exercise and resistance training focusing on major muscle groups and strengthening for the heart and lungs.

  • Personal Training

    Benefits of a personal trainer

    1. Faster and better results: Having a personal trainer to guide you through your fitness routine will help make sure you are spending time on the proper types of exercise. If you only have a limited amount of time to work out, a personal trainer will make sure you get the best results possible for the amount of time that you put it.

    2. Proper fat loss and muscle gain: Most people have multiple goals when working out, the most common being fat loss and muscle gain. It’s often hard to find the right balance between these two, and a personal trainer can help you find the right exercises to achieve all of your goals.

    3. Reduced chance of injury: A personal trainer will teach you the proper form and technique to use during your workout so you can stay safe and injury-free.

    4. Establishes a lifetime exercise habit: A personal trainer can help you find ways to make healthy living and exercise a priority in your life. They can help you overcome obstacles that might prevent you from exercising, and help you set many small, achievable goals.

    5. Overcome plateaus: When you hit a plateau in your exercise routine, it can be hard to push through and stay motivated. A personal trainer can help you understand why you hit a plateau and find ways for you to work through it and see more results.

    Call today to set-up your personal training appointment!

    Personal Training Packages
    Personal trainer starter Pack 3 1-hour sessions for $129
    Resident1  Session3 Sessions6 Sessions9 Sessions12 Sessions20 Sessions
    Individual 30 min.$30.00$87.00$162.00$234.00$300.00NA
    Individual 60 min.$49.00$147.00$282.00$378.00$456.00$760.00
    Nonresident1  Session3 Sessions6 Sessions9 Sessions12 Sessions20 Sessions
    Individual 30 min.$38.00$109.00$203.00$293.00$375.00NA
    Individual 60 min.$62.00$184.00$353.00$473.00$570.00$950.00

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