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Mather Woods will be CLOSED June 22 and 23 for PEMA training.

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Winter Basketball League Update

A message to our basketball league families:

Current/Local State Mandates: Based on the current local and state mandates, the only athletic activity allowed to take place inside are private one-on-one lessons. Due to these mitigations, we are unable to run a basketball program as we had originally planned.

Start Date: Due to the mandates listed above, we are going to be pushing the start date of the program until after the first of the year. Right now, we will not start any earlier than the week of January 18th. If we need to start any later than that due to any updated/revised mitigations we will review as we get closer to that date.

Structure/Program Details: As mentioned before, based on the current mandates, the only athletic activity that can be run are private one-on-one lessons; making running a basketball program the way you are used to a little challenging.

If the governor goes back one phase/step, the guidelines would allow for groups to form, but basketball would remain in the high-risk category where players cannot have physical contact (guard opponents) and we would not be allowed to have any timed games, only skill development and scrimmage like activities. The following plan is based off of us moving back one step from where we are now. If guidelines continue to loosen during the duration of the program we do have plans in place to adjust mid-program.

Team Formation – Each grade grouping will have 4 teams (to start) formed by PPD staff. There will be no more than 6-8 athletes on each team.  We will have volunteer coaches (max of 2 per team) lead each team.

Practices – Each age group will have a 50-minute practice one time a week starting in January at PARC (Prairie Activity & Recreation Center; 24550 W. Renwick Rd), due to not having access to local school gyms. All four teams in the grade grouping will practice at the same time having access to a sectioned off ¼ of the gym. Practice times will be consistent each week. Specific information about practice day of week and time will come out closer to the start of the program. As of the time of this writing practices will take place Monday, Wednesdays or Thursdays with start times of 5:30p, 6:30p, 7:30p or 8:30p but are subject to change. During practices, coaches will work on activity acceptable skill development based on the current guidelines and prepare for Championship Events.

Championship Events – To include some level of competition, on weekends throughout the program will be “Championship Weekend(s)” where players will come and compete at a designated time, both as individuals and as their team in various skilled events amongst their grade level peers with awards being given to individuals and teams at the conclusion of each event for both athletic and non-athletic activity. Specific weekends and times will be provided as we get closer to the start of the program.

Information about the events will be passed along to coaches as we begin the start of the program to work on in practice, but events/skills might include layups, shooting, free throws, dribbling, passing and team events.

Program Duration – At the time of this writing, the program is scheduled to start the week of January 18th and will conclude the weekend of March 20th and 21st

Cost – The cost of this program will be $119, for those who paid more for their individual league, you will be credited the difference back to your household account that can be used for any future programming with the district. If you paid less than $119 due to taking advantage of the early bird rate you will not be charged any additional fees.

Face Coverings – Currently all patrons inside of PARC are required to wear a CDC approved face covering during their entire visit. This includes participants and spectators. If guidelines change, we will make an announcement, but please be prepared for all participants and spectators to wear a mask at all times.

Spectators – We are working out the final details to allow spectators in for the Championship Event weekends, however a limit of how many spectators each athlete is allowed to bring may be implemented. At this time there will be no parents/guardians/spectators allowed inside PARC for practice. Information regarding this will be sent out at a later date.

Removal from the Program If you wish to be removed from the program, please respond to me via e-mail by 5:00p on Wednesday December 16th. All cancellation requests MUST be made via email to Recreation Manager Dan Schaffer at Phone call cancellations will not be accepted at this time. To ensure that your e-mail request was received, you will get an email response back within 48 business hours confirming your cancellation. If athletes remove themselves from the program, we will reach out to those on the waitlist to fill the spot if interested. If you wish to remain in the program, you do not have to do anything.

Coaches – If you are interested in coaching a team this year, please respond back to me via email. With a limited number of teams this year, I will do my best to get as many coaches interested in coaching a team as possible. Even if you have reached out before, if you are interested in coaching based on the revised structure please let me know. 

Other Items – As a reminder, teammate and coach requests cannot be promised other than siblings will be on the same team (unless asked specifically not to be) and coaches’ athletes/children will be on their team. All players will still receive a uniform and basketball for them to keep. If guidelines loosen throughout the course of the program allowing for more competitive game play, we are prepared to adjust the schedule and program structure accordingly.

Important Dates Moving Forward (subject to change):

  • Week of December 1st – This informational email goes out to participants
  • December 1st-December 15th – Athletes decide about staying in program/removing themselves.
  • December 16th by 5p – Athletes need to notify me via email only if they wish to be removed for full refund
  • Week of January 4th – Coaches Meeting

By Thursday January 14th at 5p – You will know of your assigned practice date/time, team assignment and hear from your athletes’ coach. If you have not heard from them by this time, please contact me.

  • Week of January 18th – Practices start

Any further questions, please contact Dan Schaffer at

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