Registration begins Aug. 6

GET IN THE GAME THIS WINTER! Volunteer coaches introduce participants to the fundamentals of playing basketball through weekly practices and weekend games. The league emphasizes proper techniques, knowledge of the rules, team strategy, participation and fun. Enrollment in the winter league is limited, so be sure to register early.

  • Volunteer Coaches

    Volunteer coaches are needed for each team. If you are interested in coaching a team contact Beth at or (815) 436-8812.

    Background Check Form

    Volunteer Application

  • Uniforms

    Each player will be provided a game shirt (Grades K-2nd will receive a T-shirt; Grades 3rd-8th will receive a reversible jersey.) Team shirts must be worn at all games and coaches may encourage players to wear the reversible jersey at practice.

  • Games / Practices

    Locations will be at a School District 202 location. Practices will be on a weeknight, beginning the week of December 5 (no practices over winter break). Games will begin the weekend of January 11, between the hours of 8a-5p.

  • Team Formation for Kindergarten-4th grade

    1. Grade
    2. School Attended
    3. Balance of gender
    4. Roster size
    5. Mutual carpool/friendship request

    Our goal is to keep players from the same school on the same team. Should enrollment numbers and roster maximums not accommodate the practice, schools may be combined to form teams. Team maximums are based on enrollment numbers at the time of the registration deadline.

  • Team Formation Evaluation for Boys grades 5th-8th

    • Players enrolled in grades 5th-8th will be asked to attend an evaluation date.
    • The evaluation date will be communicated to parents/players via email in late November. Please anticipate the evaluation night between November 27 – 30.
    • Teams will be chosen by a coach’s draft, with all players being placed on a team. If a player cannot attend the evaluation, they will be placed on a team in a blind draft at the conclusion of the draft.
    • Volunteer coaches will be asked to attend the evaluation night and draft players after the evaluation night.
 Program # Date Grade Price Price
October 31
12260A1  Dec. 3 thru Mar. 16  Kindergarten  R $119/NR $149 R$129/NR$159  School District 202
12261A1  1st Grade Co-Ed  R $119/NR $149 R$129/NR$159
12261A2  2nd Grade Co-Ed  R $119/NR $149 R$129/NR$159
12261A3  3rd Grade Boys  R $129/NR $159 R$139/NR$169
12261A4  4th Grade Boys  R $129/NR $159 R$139/NR$169
12261A5  5th Grade Boys  R $155/NR $189 R$165/NR$199
12261A6  6th Grade Boys  R $155/NR $189 R$165/NR$199
12261A7  7th Grade Boys  R $155/NR $189 R$165/NR$199
12261A8  8th Grade Boys  R $155/NR $189 R$165/NR$199
12261B1  3rd-4th Grade Girls  R $129/NR $159 R$139/NR$169
12261B2  5th-6th Grade Girls  R $155/NR $189 R$165/NR$199



 Program # Day Date Grade Price Location
12261B3 Mon. thru Sat. Oct. 1- Dec. 8 7-8th Grade Girls Early Bird
R $124/NR $155
School District 202
12261B3 Mon. thru Sat. Oct. 1- Dec. 8 7-8th Grade Girls After Aug. 31
R $134/NR $167
School District 202

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(815) 436-8812