All Plainfield Park District facilities, playgrounds, skate parks, dog parks and athletic courts are closed until further notice.

The Plainfield Park District owns and maintains approximately 250 Acres of naturalized Prairie. Illinois prairies were once a mix of numerous species of forbs and grasses. Today, undesirables such as Crown Vetch, Bull Thistle, Canadian Thistle, Teasel and Canary Reed Grass dominate our landscape.

  • Burn every 2-4 years. Where warm season or native grasses dominate, a fall burn is preferred.
  • Introduce desirable species of grass immediately after the burn.
  • Unwanted woody plants that survive the burn should be removed mechanically.
  • Treat remaining stumps/stems with a non-selective herbicide in order to kill roots and prevent re-growth.
  • Use appropriate herbicides to kill herbaceous plants that do not respond to fire.
  • Monitor the area, evaluate, and document results.
  • Annual inspections for trash removal in spring. Visual trash is removed through the year.

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