The District maintains a naturalized buffer around our storm water management ponds.  The deep roots of these native plants help stabilize shorelines and reduce fertilizer runoff from entering the pond, this in turn reduces slit build-up and algae. Woody plants, reed canary grass and purple loosestrife are the major unwanted plants to be addressed in our wetlands and shorelines. Maintenance includes the following:

  • Burn the wetland every 2-4 years preferably in the fall or spring prior to green up.
  • Introduce desirable species of plants immediately after burn.
  • Unwanted woody plants that survive the prescribed burn should be removed by cutting.
  • Treat remaining stumps/stems with a non-selective herbicide in order to kill roots and prevent re-growth.
  • Where practical, purple loosestrife should be killed in place with an aquatic use approved non-selective herbicide.
  • The area should be monitored, evaluated and have results documented.
  • Annual inspections for trash removal in spring.  Visual trash is removed throughout the year.

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