Prairie Fit Custom Workout

Use the videos from our library to create a custom workout that’s either low impact or high impact or a mix of both.

Whether you want to create a cardio only, lower body, upper body, core, or a mixture, we’ve got you covered.

REMEMBER:  keep knees soft, pull your tummy in towards your spine, put your shoulder blades in your back pockets and breathe.

Here is how to set up your own:

  1. Choose 6-8 exercises from the library below.
    • For focusing on legs-only use – lower body exercises
    • For cardio-only – use cardio exercises
    • For upper body-only use – upper body exercises
    • For core-only use – core exercises
    • For well-rounded, use – 2 exercises from each category
  2. Find an open space in your house or outside (8’X8′ roughly,) grab your weights or weighted object (in the videos we used 2 water bottles as examples), grab a timer, and water.
  3. Perform each exercise for 1 minute then rest for 30 seconds in between until you complete all the exercises in your workout
  4. Rest 3 minutes
  5. Then, start the workout over again
  6. Rest 3 minutes
  7. Finally, complete workout one last time for a total of 3 rounds

Basically, you should work out for around 30 minutes minimum including rest times.

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch after each workout is completed

Any questions please reach out to Brenda Boryca, Fitness Supervisor (

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