July Open Gym Schedule

The 40,000 square foot facility at Gregory B. Bott Park includes an oversized gym, a 4,000-square-foot fitness center, fitness studio, elevated walking track, 4 preschool classrooms, as well as a 1,600 square foot multi-purpose room and office space.

The building is the first rec center in the state with a net-zero certification.

  • Room Rentals

    Whether you’re looking for space to play or a room to gather, The Prairie Activity & Recreation Center (PARC) is the place to be.  Our over-sized gym can be converted into one full-size basketball court or two junior High courts, or two full-size volleyball courts, or four pickle ball courts.  Our 1,600 square foot multi-purpose room is an ideal room for rentals for those bridal showers, baby showers, or family gatherings.  Listed below is the application form that includes the rates, room capacities, and other various amenities for rent.

    Facility Rental Application & Agreement

  • Fitness

  • Child Care Information

    Call ahead, schedule subject to change

    Child Care Hours: Monday – Thursday: 5-8p (Preschool room #4 – green room)

    Age Restrictions: Children must be between ages of 1 – 11 years

    Fees: Members – $3/hr (max 2 hours) or $30 punch card (10 visits)

    Child Care Rules:

    • Children are the number one priority in the child care area.  We will provide fun in a safe environment.
    • Check-in and pick-up will require parent/guardian photo identification. Parent/guardian must state where they will be; group exercise, walking the track or fitness center.
    • Check-in at the Guest Services counter to ensure there is room for your child before paying.
    • There is a two-hour maximum per day. All children must be picked up promptly at closing hours, regardless of time dropped off.
    • Each child must have an information card on file.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the child care area.
    • Children are only allowed in the child care area during designated hours.
    • Parent/Guardian will be called back to child care room if a child cannot be comforted after 10 minutes, or needs assistance in the washroom. We have changing tables located in all our restrooms.
    • Parental/Guardian assistance may be needed if a child is exhibiting disruptive behavior.  If disruptive behavior continues on a consistent basis, child care privileges may be temporarily withheld.
    • Staff cannot administer medication or change diapers for any child. Diaper changing area is available in the family restrooms.
    • Max of 10 children in the child care room.
  • Net Zero

    The Prairie Activity & Recreation Center (PARC) is the first rec center in the state with a net-zero certification.

    While some buildings aim for LEED certification standards that show their energy efficient building standards, PARC creates as much energy as it uses.

    About 18,000 square feet of the roof is covered in solar panels meaning that electric energy usage will be produced on site and excess energy can be banked to offset natural gas usage.

    PARC retains heat through the use of triple glazed windows and energy efficient, heat-retaining walls.

    PARC received a $1 million grant from Illinois Clean Energy Foundation to help it achieve the net-zero designation.

  • How Did We Build This Center?

    Plainfield Township Park District passed a referendum, in 2016, to improve neighborhood parks and facilities and construct a new recreation center.

    Executive Director Carlo Capalbo said that with the passing of the referendum, park officials will be able to provide greater services to district residents. The park district is located in Will and Kendall counties.

    Residents favored the district’s referendum by 6,112 votes, with 24,459 votes in favor of it and 18,347 votes against it, according to election results.

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