The Plainfield Park District Board of Commissioners formed the Friends of the Plainfield Park District Foundation in 1985 to act solely as a fund-raising organization. The Foundation is a non-profit corporation that assists the Park District in its mission of providing recreation opportunities for all residents. The Foundation consists of volunteers from the community that are active in fundraising to support their cause.

The Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the Plainfield area by assisting in the preservation of open space and enhancing recreation facilities and programs in the Plainfield Park District for people of all ages to enjoy. Its purpose is to:

  • Encourage the acquisition, development and preservation of park land in and around Plainfield
  • Appeal to donors and assist in raising funds and receiving property
  • Implement new and innovative projects
  • Assist private citizens, civic clubs, community organizations, and industry in their giving
  • Avoid duplication of function or activity successfully conducted by other organizations

For more information about the Friends of the Plainfield Park District Foundation, call the Plainfield Park District at (815) 436-8812 or email.

Emily Brooks, President


  • Ways to Help the Foundation


    Decide in advance how you want your assets to be shared. You may select a preferred area of interest to be assured your wishes will be fulfilled.


    Working with your attorney and financial advisor, you may determine that a trust is the most beneficial to both you as a donor and the Foundation.

    Gifts and Donations

    Personal property, land, appreciating securities, and cash in any amount make welcome gifts.

    Living Memory: Tree and Bench Program

    Please contact the Plainfield Park District at (815) 436-8812 for more infomation.

  • Benefits of Giving to the Foundation

    Personal Satisfaction

    Enjoy seeing your community share the benefits of wholesome fun.


    Remember friends and loved ones in a tangible way with a gift that perpetuates a warm memory and respected name.

Contact Us

Plainfield Park District
24550 West Renwick Road
Plainfield, IL 60544

(815) 436-8812

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