Before you sign up for a class, program, or special event through the Plainfield Park District, please take a few minutes to review how to register for our online registration system.

If you’ve never registered before, you will need to set up your online account through our 3rd party website Webtrac (See: “Step 1: Creating an Account” below).

In addition you will find instructions on how to:

  • Complete online registration
  • Reset your password
  • Register for open workout times
  • Register for open walking track times

Key terms/abbreviations:
Once inside the registration website, you will find program pricing listed according to R/NR.

R = Resident

NR = NonResident

As always, if you are still having difficulty navigating the registration website, or are not finding the program you are looking for, please call the front desk for assistance based on the current hours of operation at 815-436-8812.

How to Register Online
  • Step1: Creating an Account

    If you have never registered for a program, class, or special event, follow these instructions to get started.

    Creating an account online

  • Step 2: Online Registration

    After you’ve created your online account, you are now ready to register for your class, program, or special event.

    Registering online

  • Step 3: Password Reset

    If it’s been a while since you last registered, and you’ve misplaced where you wrote down your password, you can reset it by following these simple instructions.

    Password Reset WebTrac

  • Step 4: Registering for a Workout Time at Prairie Fit

    Due to COVID-19 crowd restrictions, anyone wishing to workout at Prairie Fit at PARC will need to register for an open time slot. To do this follow the instructions below.

    Making a Reservation at Prairie Fit

    You can also view this online video tutorial that walks patrons through the online registration process for open workout time slots at Prairie Fit.

    Video Tutorial

  • Step 5: Reserving Track Time at PARC

    Prairie Fit members can reserve time slots to use the 10-lap elevated track at PARC using the online registration system too.

    Make a PARC Track Reservation Online

  • Step 6: Reserving a Private Gym Rental Online

    Please see the step-by-step instructions on how to reserve a time for a private gym rental at the Prairie Activity & Recreation Center.

    How To Register for a Private Gym Rental at PARC

    Register for a Private Gym Rental NOW

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