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Gypsy Moth Spraying in May

The Department of Agriculture intends to treat 300+ acres in Plainfield to help eradicate the gypsy moth. The gypsy moth is an invasive insect that feeds on a variety of trees and shrubs including Oaks, Willows, Birches, and Spruces. It can eventually kill the trees via repeated defoliation.

The treatment will consist of two aerial applications of the pesticide, BTK.

After the initial treatment, a second spraying session will take place approximately seven days later. All of this spraying is done by helicopter. Spraying will take place in May, the exact date will be dependent on a number of factors including weather conditions and temperature. At this time, the Department of Agriculture is estimating that the spraying will begin sometime between May 10 and May 15.

Areas to be sprayed include Settlers’ Park, Mather Woods, the Riverfront, a portion of River Road, Wallin Woods, and a portion of Indian Oaks. (Please see attached map.)

Typically, the Department of Agriculture has a robust outreach program and would present information on the program to the Village Board, go door to door in impacted neighborhoods, and reach out to all of the local organizations. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, they will not be able to share this information.

You can read more about the process, see a map of the area being sprayed, and read a list of frequently asked questions below:




The Department of Agriculture has a Facebook page with updates on the spraying:


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