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Park Field Use Policy


Whereas, the Plainfield Park District recognizes the districts responsibility to provide athletic opportunities for all district residents regardless of group affiliation.
Whereas, the Plainfield Park District Board of Commissioners desires to offer organized recreational athletic opportunities for its residents with accordance with the park district mission.
Whereas, in order to efficiently and fairly schedule district owned athletic fields for the use of organized sports the district therefore establishes the following policy:


  1. Requests for facility/athletic field use are due according to the requests due date stated in the Field usage permit application for rentals, tournaments and affiliate league play. These applications will be allocated in the order they are received per scheduling priority below.
  2. All groups/organizations seeking facility/athletic field use for organized play must request such use by completing the appropriate application and submitting it to Plainfield Park District staff by the established deadline.
  3. After the established deadline, Plainfield Park District staff will schedule all fields according to the scheduling priority listed below:

Available facility/athletic field use is limited; as a result, request for use of all fields will be categorized as followed:

  1. Plainfield Park District (Plainfield Park District programs take priority over all other requests for facility/athletic field usage).
  2. Plainfield School District #202 (as set forth within the intergovernmental agreement between the Plainfield Park District and Plainfield School District #202).
  3. Plainfield Park District affiliates
  4. Recognized resident not-for-profit athletic programs.  (at least 85% residents)
  5. Civic or charitable not-for-profit organizations based within Plainfield Park District boundaries.
  6. Private groups consisting of at least 50% Plainfield Park District residents. (50-84% residents)
  7. Groups outside district with less than 50% residency.

To prove residency status, groups/organizations are required to submit a team roster (electronically in excel format) including a full listing of coach/player names, addresses and schools which players attend.

The Plainfield Park District will attempt to accommodate all requests made. However, due to the high demand of facility/athletic field use, requested date(s) may not be available.

Groups/organizations that obtain athletic field use through the application process will adhere to all Plainfield Park District Ordinances, field use policies and conditions of the applicable Field Use agreement. Groups/organizations found in violation may be subject to a fine and/or immediate revocation of the assigned permit determined by the Plainfield Park District.

Park District Affiliates - In general, affiliate organizations are non-profit independent groups providing youth (under age 18) recreational activities and services.  These organizations provide their own leadership, structure, financing and delegate operational duties to their members.  These organizations voluntarily choose to be affiliated with the Plainfield Park District for the mutual benefit of providing quality recreational programs and services to the participants.  The Plainfield Park District shall have the right to review each organization and offer changes for the improvement of the organization and the community.  The Plainfield Park District reserves the right to approve or deny any affiliation application.  Groups/organizations wanting to be an affiliate must submit an application and follow the affiliate status guidelines.

Revised and Approved by the Plainfield Park District Board of Commissioners on the 13 day of November 2013.

Revised and Approved by the Plainfield Park District Board of Commissioners on the 9 day of July, 2008.

Revised and Approved by the Plainfield Park District Board of Commissioners on the 27th day of April, 2005.

Approved by the Plainfield Park District Board of Commissioners on the 26th day of November, 2002.

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